Vern's Lawn Bowls Clinic

Have a problem with your bowling technique? 

Are you affected by:

  • Wrong Bias Syndrome?
  • Pain in the Arse Skip Spasms?
  • Recurring Dodgy Deliveries? 

  • Twitchy Forehand or Backhand?
  • Frozen Claw Grip?
  • Stiff Kneecaps?
There's not much we can do about the last one. It's either old age or the onset of rigor mortis.
The Good News is
VERN'S BOWLS CLINIC is here to help.

I want to hear from you if you have a problem (no marital issues please!).

There's no need to be embarrassed I am here to help in the strictest confidence (with the exception of YouTube).

Email me at:

Don't let your problems fester. Don't become an old and bitter bowler. 

My motto is. . . 

"Don't Be A Cynic Visit Vern's Clinic."

In the meantime don't forget. . . 

"7 Top Tips for  Top Skips"

Read these BEFORE visiting MY CLINIC
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+   Tips Updates

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